TECH TIP 2 – Sending in documents for Hyperlinking

Doris O. Wong Associates has been hyperlinking documents since COVID-19 hit. Over the past few months, we have streamlined the process that we think works best for our clients.

SCENARIO 1:  Email or snail mail the documents to everyone

PRO:  Everyone has all of the documents for review

CONS:  (1)Everyone has all of the documents whether they will be used or not.  This could reveal your strategy.  We had a scenario where opposing counsel objected to the documents before the deposition even started. (2)Cost to print and ship documents to all parties.

SCENARIO 2:  Have Doris O. Wong Associates Hyperlink your documents

PRO:  Only you and the court reporter will have access to the hyperlink list.  Documents are stored on our secure server.

CON:  In order to guarantee that you get the hyperlink list on time, we strongly request that we get the documents two days prior to the deposition/hearing to avoid conversion fees.


We request that when you send us your documents to be hyperlinked that you label them A-Z and not  1-100.  When presenting a document via Chat, if you present A-Notice of Deposition, it can be marked it as Exhibit 1.  This avoids confusion as to what is marked. 

Oftentimes, counsel provides numerous documents that aren’t used and/or they skip around based on how the deposition is proceeding. By keeping the A-Z convention, there is less confusion on everyone’s part, e.g., A=1, F=2, D=3, etc.

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