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Want an Edge? GO DIGITAL

The legal profession has been touting the efficiencies of a paperless office.  There are case management software packages, apps, and articles written by the American Bar Association and legal tech gurus promoting all things digital.

Doris O. Wong Associates has been offering digital alternatives for years.  As you build your case, the digital resources available to you from the start are as versatile as they are extensive.

Digital transcript formats include:

  • Standard PDF
  • Compressed PDF transcripts with an interactive concordance
  • ASCII or TXT files
  • WORD files
  • PTX files compatible with TextMap

All of these file formats are printable, searchable, and can be securely stored on any electronic device you use, relieving you of the endless pieces of paper.  They can also be emailed to colleagues within your firm or saved in your private repository for further use.

The most popular digital document is the PDF.  A PDF file can be opened on any device across multiple platforms. The standard PDF from Wong is word searchable (for easy copy and paste) and printable.  For those who want more, the Min-U-Script, or compressed, PDF includes an interactive concordance for easy word searches.

Not to be overlooked is the text found within exhibits.  So you can utilize this information fully, all exhibits are scanned in a searchable PDF format.  Electronic document word searches are faster and more reliable than reading through hard copy documents.

An additional benefit to going digital is linked exhibits.  With one easy click, you can pull up an exhibit for viewing whenever it is mentioned in a transcript. The transcript and linked exhibits are delivered to you in one convenient file.

Whether you’re part of a large firm, mid-sized, or sole practitioner, we have the digital litigation support products that fit your budget and suit your needs.  Our goal at        Doris O. Wong Associates is to provide you with the best tools available that will help you organize, manage, and digest the facts presented in discovery so you can best serve your client and win your case.

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