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Insurers Dictating Use of Contracted Court Reporters is Against MA Law

Law firms who need to sever long-standing relationships with their court reporting agency of choice because an insurance company dictates who they must use is against the law.

According to M.G.L.C. 221, S. 91D(b), 

“Contracts entered into pursuant to the practice of court reporting, not related to a particular case or reporting incident, between a court reporter or any person with whom a court reporter has a principal and agency relationship and an attorney at law, party to an action, or party having a financial interest in an action shall be prohibited.”  

As a court reporting agency with over 50 years serving our clients in all areas of litigation, we are no longer surprised to get calls from counsel complaining about:

  • Use of court reporters they have no relationship with who can’t provide the services they’re familiar with
  • Hidden fees
  • Bundled bills with no itemization
  • Higher costs for opposing counsel

Don’t let insurance companies dictate who you use. Insist on trusted court reporters you have a long-standing relationship with. 

The Commissioner of Insurance, Gary Anderson, would like to hear your complaints. He may be reached at gary.d.anderson@state.ma.us, or call 617-521-7794.

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