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The Positive Impact Realtime Can Have on Your Practice

More and more attorneys are relying on the benefits realtime can provide. Realtime is an instantaneous feed from a reporter’s laptop to an attorney’s laptop, iPad, or smart device.  Specialized software allows the attorney to make notes, mark text, and then download the file at the end of the day.  Attorneys can scrutinize the testimony as it is being given, and a draft provided by the court reporter at the end of the day can give them a head start on preparing for future depositions or briefs.

Realtime is our profession’s gold standard

Realtime has other uses you may not have thought of: 

  • Many participants find that visual access to realtime can help participants organize their thoughts
  • Realtime is a helpful tool for those who speak English as a second language. Oftentimes, non-native English speakers can read English better than they can speak it.  This service could ultimately help them understand the spoken word.
  • Those who are hearing impaired appreciate an opportunity to revew a question before answering. 

Preparation is key.

Although you may have been working on a case for many months, or perhaps years, the court reporter does not have the benefit of knowing what the case is about.  This is why reporters ask for word lists beforehand so they can input the subject matter, names, and terminology into their software. This preparation is key to minimizing any interruptions and to your receiving the cleanest realtime feed possible.

Insist on today’s tech-savvy court reporters who provide realtime. 

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