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How qualified is your court reporter?

Doris O. Wong Associates employs nationally certified reporters who have 25-45 years of experience.  Unlike other agencies, we only hire certified reporters, as we believe that credentials attest to their competence and reflect their commitment to the profession.  Our reporters have embraced our culture of quality transcripts, exemplary service, and the need to embrace leading-edge technology.  We appreciate your business and stand ready to assist you with all of your court reporting needs.

A court reporter who has earned NCRA certifications has been tested for speed and accuracy.  All court reporters hired by Doris O. Wong Associates, Inc., are NCRA certified. Just as clients seek your expertise based on your credentials, experience, and reputation, our clients demand the same. 

Court Reporter Cartoon


It’s no laughing matter.  You rely on court reporters to hear every word, to prepare an accurate record of the proceedings, and to meet your deadline.  We feel the weight of this responsibility on a daily basis and remain committed to providing the best services possible.

1 thought on “How qualified is your court reporter?”

  1. Thanks for the awesome tip about finding a court reporter with NCRA certifications to ensure their speed and accuracy when recording. I will keep these tips in mind while trying to find more help for my uncle who has been wrongfully accused of stealing. With their help, they can increase the chances of his side winning.


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